FAQ - During Camp

1. How can I see what my son or daughter is doing while they are at camp?
During the week photos are posted each day. Photos may not be posted until after at least one full day at camp. You can go to our Camper Photos page, under the Summer tab, to view and download photos from the week. If you also want to purchase a digital download of the Week in Review video you may do so by going to the Week in Review Videos page under the Summer tab.

2. Why can’t I see my child in any photos?
We have one photographer who circulates around camp to various activities and events, with the aim of capturing as many campers as possible. Obviously, if some campers choose to avoid the camera, or just due to random photo opportunities, some campers may or may not be in any or many photos except cabin photos.

3. How does my son or daughter receive his/her medication during camp?
SBR has a Health Care Supervisor onsite who administers the medication to campers and staff. Please list your child’s medication on the Medications button under the Medical section on the right-hand side of the SBR online Registration account Dashboard screen. There you can list his/her Prescription meds. You can amend this closer to camp time as needed. Medications in their original containers should be dropped off at the SBR bus/van, church bus, or at SBR Fix-It (Nurse) for car arrivals after Check-In in a ziplock bag with the camper’s name on the bag.

4. What if my son or daughter has food allergies and needs a special diet?
We will attempt, to the best of our ability, to accommodate campers and staff (medical food-related allergies only) with gluten-free and dairy-free needs. Due to the costs, a fee will be charged ($11/5 day sessions, $14/6 day sessions and $17/7 day sessions) will be charged. Please make special arrangements 7 days prior to the camp session by contacting foodservice@silverbirchranch.org; 715-484-2742 ext. 239.

5. What activities will my child participate in while at camp?
See the camp schedule for the particular session of camp at silverbirchranch.org. Campers will participate in Bible meetings in the morning and night with music and speakers, organized group games in the morning and evening, and free time options in the afternoon. Free time options may include the following: horseback riding, swimming, boating, rafting, water tubing or water-skiing, Climbing Wall, Leap of Faith, Zip Line, archery, paintball (older camps), BB guns, and more. All activities are offered at no additional cost except for crafts and a special raft trip for high school camp ($15). There are no advance signups needed for any activity prior to the camp session. Counselors help the campers sign up for specific activities when they are offered to their cabin.

6. Where can I send mail to my camper?
All mail and packages (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) can be sent to us by following the address format below.

Silver Birch Ranch
Camper Name
N6120 Sawyer Lake Road
White Lake, WI 54491

Emails can be sent to campers for a fee using our Bunk1 one-way email service.
7. What time is Check-In and Check-Out?
Check-In for those arriving at SBR by car is anytime between 2pm and 4:30pm at the Dining Hall porch. For any later arrivals, please make arrangements with Linda at 715-484-2742 ext. 230 in advance of the camp session. Cabin assignments are made prior to arrival to camp. The session program officially begins at dinner (6pm) on the first day of camp. Check-Out for those leaving SBR by car is at 10:30 at the Chapel. All campers (under high school age) who are not leaving with a church group or by SBR bus should turn in a Check-Out Form at Check-In. Find the Check-Out Form here. Be sure to check-out with the SBR staff on the porch.

8. What about electronics and phones?
Campers should NOT bring CD/DVD players, iPods/iPads/MP3 players. Cell phones are discouraged and are only to be used in designated areas with a counselor present-and many will not have good reception. Texting is not allowed. Campers should not bring electronic games of any kind. 

9. What if my child leaves some clothing or personal items at camp?
Silver Birch Ranch is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. If after your child returns home from camp you find some articles missing, you can contact our Housekeeping Director, Casey Golema at Casimir.Golema@silverbirchranch.org in a descriptive email about those lost items. Missing items which we are able to find can be returned upon request for a postage and handling fee. We recommend that new or expensive clothing not be brought to camp.

10. What if I have to cancel my camper’s camp session?
The $75 deposit paid at the time of registration is non-refundable. It is, however, transferable to a new camper (one not yet registered at the time of the camper’s cancellation) for Summer Youth Camps only if that transfer request is made by the cancelling party at the time of the cancellation thru email to linda.wager@silverbirchranch.org. Payments beyond the $75 deposit are refundable, and will be refunded to the credit card used for registration unless other requests are made.


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