Pick Your Camp or Retreat

Our top priority is being an effective ministry. In doing so, we offer a variety of camps and retreats for you to enjoy. We also strive to live out the mission we set out to accomplish: “To Know Christ and To Make Him Known.” Our goal is that our guests love Jesus more because of their time at Silver Birch Ranch. Take time to see what camp or retreat you think will leave an impact on you or your family's life.

Youth Camps

Youth Camps encourage your church to develop significant adult relationships that can carry over into lifelong mentoring opportunities. Join us to experience a life-changing time filled with memories and conversations that will last a lifetime.


Specialty Retreats

Come join us in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin and take time away to do what you enjoy. Whether it's hunting, scrapbooking, quilting, or just doing your own thing, Silver Birch Ranch is here to give you the time and facilities you need to do what you love with the people you love.

Family Camps/Retreats

Family Camps/Retreats empower church families to escape normal pressures, renew relationships, relax, and rejoice together. Get away from the daily grind of life and come experience a week with your family enjoying many of our activities.


create YOur Retreat

We will provide you with your own personal retreat coordinator to help you every step of the way. Our job and goal is to take care of the details and let you spend time with your group. Silver Birch Ranch is the perfect location for group adventure, relaxation, and everything in-between.

Adult Retreats

A full range of adventurous activities in a beautiful setting are waiting for you. Enjoy activities such as trap shooting, zip line, horses, lakefront, and so much more. Then end your day relaxing next to a crackling campfire talking with close friends.


Conference/Day Meetings

The staff at Silver Birch Ranch would love to help you facilitate your next conference or meeting. Our objective is to exceed the goals you have set. We can offer you a quality meeting room that fits the size of your group, AV equipment, meals, breakout rooms, coffee, snacks, and more.


Silver Birch Ranch Ministries

Are you aware of the other ministries that God has laid on our hearts at Silver Birch Birch Ranch over the years?  These ministries have been fruitful to many beyond camp. Become familiar with these for yourself and please add them to your prayers as Silver Birch Ranch continues "to make God known" in every season of life.


In a world where eternal purpose is often sidelined for momentary pleasure, Nicolet Bible Institute serves to develop leaders who pursue Christ with passion, commitment, purpose, and vision, and who live as if their relationship with God matters... for indeed it does.

A great place for pastors to get some recharge time, for families to rebuild relationships, for church leadership teams to refocus on their mission, for individuals to find respite from the daily grind of life, or for couples to reignite their bonds of love. The possibilities are endless in regards to who can take advantage of this affordable get-away. Short-term and long-term stays are available for our guests.

Relate365 is a digital ministry that provides valuable, in-depth, spiritual content, and is available to anyone anytime.

We invite you to investigate the many opportunities we present to you on this site, and look forward to seeing what God will do as we dedicate ourselves to living today, with the end in mind.