Philosophy of Camping

Christian camping is an extremely effective and underused tool for the church to use in building the next generation of Christians. We feel that this tool is most effective when leaders who are involved with the students on a regular basis are able to spend time and build shared memories with them. Therefore, we encourage churches to bring up their own counselors. The leaders get to see and hear the true struggles of their students in a week-long setting that removes them from the distractions of the “real world” and pulls them from their comfort zone. At the end of the week, the leaders know the decisions that were made and can follow up at home and hold their students accountable and help guide them through the changes in their lives.

Because we feel that Christian camping is such a powerful tool, Silver Birch Ranch will not let any student’s financial status stand in the way of an opportunity to come to camp. Every year, we scholarship campers because we are convinced that God works tremendously through camping, and that no one should be denied access to such a life-changing experience. It is for this same reason that all activities at Silver Birch Ranch are provided free of charge. We hope to foster relationships between camper and counselor without the distinction of economic standing.

We at Silver Birch Ranch are also determined to help build the next generation of leaders for Jesus Christ. We see camping as one of the greatest means by which to reach that end. Each summer, high school and college students learn to serve God in a variety of different areas here at Silver Birch Ranch by doing everything from washing dishes to running crews of other volunteers. We have many programs aimed at training students to become leaders. These programs include the following: volunteer staff positions in which volunteers work under a college-age crew leader; our Summer Staff Team, which allows college students to work one-on-one with a full-time staff member; and our one-year Nicolet Bible Institute, where students work year-round to maintain the ministry of Silver Birch Ranch.