Canteen List

For summer Youth Camps only:

This page is provided to help parents estimate what amount they would like give to their camper's Canteen account for their camp session. Campers generally have the ability to make purchases at the Canteen twice a day from 2-4pm and in the evening.

  • Remember that if the McDonald’s Lunch $ item is selected in the online Registration process, it is billed to and deducted from the camper’s Canteen/Trading Post account.

  • It is recommended that Canteen accounts be set up online at least 1 week prior to the camper’s camp session.

  • Parents can add money online to a camper’s account up until 24 hours prior to departure from camp.  Parents typically also receive daily email updates notifying them when a camper makes a purchase from the Canteen.

  • High School Camps’ special rafting trip money ($20) can be added to the camper’s general Canteen account.  No pre-camp sign-up is necessary.

Click here for the pdf version of this list.

Canteen (Snacks)

Candy - $0.50-$1.00

Cheesy breadsticks - $4.00

Cinnamon roll - $2.50

Cookies - $1.00

Nachos with cheese - $2.00

Nacho cheese - $0.50

Popcorn - $1.00

Pretzel - $2.00

Sweet cream pretzel - $2.50

Slice of Pizza - $2.00

Whole Pizza - $7.00

Bottled Drinks - $2.00

Ice Cream Bars - $1.00-$2.50

Coffee Bar Drinks - $1.50-$4.50

Smoothies - $4.00


Trading Post (Clothing and Souvenirs)

T-Shirts - $8.00-$14.00

Sweatshirts - $25.00+

Hats - $18.00-$20.00

Other items (bracelets, jewelry, backpacks, bags, stuffed animals, etc.) - Varied prices


*Prices and items offered are subject to change at any time.