Adopt A Horse Program

The Adopt a Horse Program is a unique donor program designed for those who want to support Silver Birch Ranch in a special way! Through this program you are able to "adopt" one of our horses that we currently use for our camps and retreats, and support that horse financially.

It currently costs a little over $100 a month to provide everything a horse needs to be a healthy, happy horse. With monthly support from people like you, each of our horses would be guaranteed adequate food, grooming supplies, and riding equipment. Without support, it is an increasing struggle for us to provide the best quality of living for our horses. Please consider adopting one of our horses today!

the Adopt a Horse program in a nutshell:

  • Monthly support of either $20, $50, or $100 from donors like you!
  • Receive updates and information on the specific horse you adopted.
  • An unmeasurable amount of gratitude from all of us at Silver Birch Ranch!

Our current horses available to adopt:

Photos Coming Soon!

BELLE - Belle used to pull our Buckboard wagon with her partner, Babe. However, Belle is now retired from that job and is used as a camper horse. She is one of our largest horses and has a big heart to match. She loves getting her thick blonde mane brushed and loves all the attention campers give her. 
Breed: Belgian
Date of Birth: 1998

GENESIS - Genesis was rescued from a kill pen in Iowa. He is a very sweet horse and was already trained when we got him from the kill pen. He has a beautiful star on his forehead, which makes it easy for wranglers to identify him. He loves his job as a camper horse and loves children. He also has a very long back, which gave him the nickname of "banana boat." 
Breed: Grade/Quarter Horse
Date of Birth: 2004

JEZEBEL - Jezebel is a beautiful buckskin quarter horse. Jezebel is our only buckskin at camp and her color is very unique. In the winter, her coat looks speckled. She has two children, Liberty and Jesse. She is a good momma, and loves both of her girls very much. She has been a camper horse for many years at Silver Birch Ranch and she loves her job. Before she arrived at Silver Birch Ranch, she was untrained. However, she has come a long way since then and has become a hard-working camper horse.
Breed: Quarter Horse
Date of Birth: 1999

LINUS - Linus arrived from Kansas in the Spring of 2012. He is best friends with Malachi and they are never apart. Linus was previously terrified of people, but he has come a very long way since then. With a little love from the wranglers, he has become a very sweet and gentle horse. He is still in training and we are hoping that he will be a camper horse soon.
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Date of Birth: 2009

MALACHI - Malachi arrived at camp in May 2012 with a few other Tennessee Walkers that we got from Kansas. He was a stallion when he arrived, but is now a gelding. He is just getting trained, but has a lot of potential. Soon, we are hoping to use him as a camper horse. You can identify him from our other black horses because he has a white left hind foot. He is a sweetheart and loves getting attention. His best friend is Linus, and they are never apart. 
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Date of Birth: 2009

MERCY - Mercy is the newest member of our herd. She was born in Spring 2013. She is still getting used to the world and people. She is growing very fast and in a few years, she will begin her training in becoming a camper horse.
Breed: Paint/Quarter Horse
Date of Birth: April 16, 2013

OTIS - Otis is one of our horses with the best "conformation" around. This basically just means that the way he is built is ideal for a working horse. He is very sweet and loves people, and has a very wide blaze. He can also be identified by his one blue eye. His best friend is Meshach, who also looks like his twin. Otis is still finishing his training, but will hopefully be a camper horse soon.
Breed: Quarter Horse
Date of Birth: 2006

PACO - Paco came to Silver Birch Ranch with his brothers Dully, Julio, and Houdini. When Paco arrived, be bad never been ridden. Since then, he has come a long way. He is one of our most lovable horses and is always looking to play around. He likes to chew everything, including halters, buckets, and other horses saddles. Paco is also Jesse's uncle.
Breed: Registered American Paint  
Date of Birth: April 7, 2005

PHILLY - Philly is our largest horse at camp. She is a red roan draft and has enormous feet. She was named "Philly" because when we got her, we were told she was a stallion (a male horse). However, when she arrived, she was actually a filly (a young female horse). We decided to call her Philly with the male spelling in remembrance of the humorous mix-up. Philly is a big girl and some people have trouble climbing up on her back. However, she is a gentle giant. 
Breed: Belgian/Draft mix   
Date of Birth: 2006

PIPER - Piper was given to camp by a man in Kansas. She is definitely a leader, and likes to be in charge. She is currently in training, but will hopefully become a camper horse once she is finished. She is enormous, but is still very sweet and loves getting petted. 
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Date of Birth: 2007

REVELATION - Revelation is a gorgeous Horse stallion. His coloring is called "dun" and be has a very long mane and tail. He was malnourished at bis previous home, so wranglers are working bard to help him gain weight. He is very sweet and loves to be scratched. He also has a huge star on his forehead in the shape of a heart.
Breed: Quarter Horse
Date of Birth: May 22, 2009

STORMY - Stormy is the only horse in our heard that can do tricks. He knows how to bow and how to stretch. He is also beautiful, with black and white markings all over his body. He is a camper horse who also loves to eat in his spare time. He loves little children, and is fondly referred to as the "cow horse."
Breed: Paint
Date of Birth: May 15, 1999