what is campership?

Everything done at Silver Birch Ranch involves fulfilling our mission “To Know Christ and To Make Him Known.” Campership is the process that allows us to fulfill our mission by supplying the housing, food, and programing that brings that mission to completion in the life of a camper. 

Campership is not fulfilled by the fees that campers are charged to come to camp. In fact, the fees only cover a portion of the cost. We count on you, our loyal supporters, to participate in the Campership Program to fill in the financial gap as you support the mission of Silver Birch Ranch. 

How can you participate in Campership? Many people pray for Silver Birch Ranch daily by asking God to meet our needs. Some people promote camp by suggesting to friends, family, and their churches to send campers here. Still, others volunteer for Dishcrew and work crews, keeping our cost at a minimum. Others send monetary gifts on a regular basis that allows Silver Birch Ranch to fill the financial gap and to provide financial assistance to those who can’t afford to pay the full price of camp. 

All this cannot be done alone. It is everyone, working together, giving what God has given each for the sake of the mission. 

So, we invite you to be a Campership provider, in whatever way God has blessed you, and we encourage you to participate in the life-giving mission of Silver Birch Ranch. Together, the Kingdom of Heaven will be eternally changed because of your commitment to Campership.